5″ remote control colour display

5″ remote control colour display

Thanks to our new 5“ display technology, we are now able to offer you plenty of new options and numerous innovative features when using HBC radio controls with a color display. It is available for all housing sizes of our spectrum transmitters.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  1. Extra large display area to provide more data and images.
  2. Highly brilliant visual display with 800 x 480 pixels resolution.
  3. Individual design of the display screens.
  4. Comprehensive library containing commonly used images and symbols.
  5. 8 push buttons + radiomatic® iCON for display navigation.
  6. Numerous additional functions can be activated by means of softkeys.
  7. Automatic adjustment of display brightness.
  8. Integrated front panel lighting.

Available in 4 different models!

HBC spectrum S with 5" display

spectrum S

spectrum S is synonymous with high-performing radio technology in compact format with an extra-large color display. This control scores big with its numerous attractive additional functions. The entire front panel space can be used for operating elements.


spectrum M with 5" displayspectrum M

spectrum M offers state-of-the-art 5“ display technology as well as a transmitter design which has proven its worth thousands of times. This control scores big thanks to its great versatility and provides virtually unlimited design possibilities for lots of different applications.


spectrum L spectrum L

spectrum L combines innovative 5“ display technology with a comprehensive equipment package. This way, the transmitter allows you to make the perfect choice when you require customized solutions with a wide range of functions.


spectrum G

spectrum G

spectrum G is the ideal transmitter for large machine applications: Thanks to an extra-large front panel, a huge selection of features and a high-performing 5“ color display, this high-end radio control leaves nothing to be desired.


Feel free to contact us for more information at sales@salestrade.com.sg or call 6744 7033. Our friendly sales team will be happy to assist you with a non-obligatory discussion.

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