Bringing You Integrated Solutions

We Dont Just Supply Products, We Provide Solutions.

For this month of STConnect, we want to share with you some of our mini projects that aim to provide a one-stop solution for our customers. With multiple product specialist for each brand that we carry, we are able to complement each of our product categories and provide our customers an integrated solution. At the same time, we can alleviate the headache of dealing with multiple suppliers!

For example, by combining HBC remote control and Koino switches, we are able to fabricate a complete control station for our customers according to their requirements. Having trouble managing your long cables or hose in a harsh and low light environment? No worries! We have industrial grade cable and hose reels coupled with LED work lights so your environment is always safe.

The possibilities are endless and we are always looking for new challenges. Let us help you solve your problems so you can concentrate on others. Call us at 65 67437033 or email us at / for FREE technical advice now!

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