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The new radar product family LPR®-1DHP-200 by Symeo ensures highly-precise, robust and maintenance-free 1D distance measurements for short, medium and long ranges – with an accuracy in the millimeter domain. The new wireless sensor systems of the second LPR®-1DHP radar generation are even more compact and lighter than their predecessors.

NEW: By using the latest ultra-wideband technology, measurement accuracy in the millimeter range can be achieved. Together with the high robustness and the maintenance-and-wear-free LPR® radar technology, the highly-precise measurement values make the new radar distance sensors ideal for crane automation processes in harsh industrial environments.

Your advantages: exact real-time positioning of cranes, transport systems and other heavy equipment, optimized process automation and more safety and efficiency of the ongoing operation processes – indoors as well as outdoors and even under high dust, dirt, vibrations, direct sunlight, fog or rain.

Ideal for improvement of operations in the following heavy industries:

  1. Semi- and full-automated crane movements by exact crane positioning
  2. Process control, process automation and process monitoring
  3. Transport and logistics management
  4. Goods tracking
  5. Production processes
  6. Collision avoidance

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