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Shift Chain Sliding Enclosed Type

By applying rollers to the ST-S type, rolling motion between the upper and lower rollers is applied to minimise frictional force caused by skid interference. It is suitable for equipment that travels long distance because of heavy load of cable entry due to roller application.

Application for facilities and equipment requiring a long travel distance as below: Gantry Robots, Robot Carriages, Automatic Welding Lines, Gantry Cranes, Gantry loader, etc.

Shift Chain ES-Type can be found on car manufacturer’s welding line, where excess material can damage your inserted cables.

  • Material: CPS-amide, UL94-HB
  • Internal width (mm): 35 – 300
  • Internal height (mm): 26 – 76
  • Bending Radius (mm): 70 – 500

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