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SZ Hazardous Duty Cable Reels

“SZ” Hazardous Duty Cable Reels have all the features of an “S” Reel plus an extra heavy slip ring enclosure and pre-wired/pre-potted junction box. Designed for use in Class I (groups C & D) and Class II (groups E, F & G, division 1 & 2) hazardous environments, the direct or gear spring drive reels are available with 16″ to 32″ diameter spools.

The pre-wired and pre-potted NEMA 7-9 junction box saves time during installation because the electrical connections are made in the box, not directly on the slip ring. Slip rings are available for four to 36 circuits, 35 to 200 amp.

  • Rugged welded steel frame is built to last.
  • One-piece slip ring assembly can be removed as a unit. Fast, easy slip ringbrush replacement.
  • High-quality Safetychange® self contained spring motor.
  • Optional Cable Guides with Rollers, Hoop Guides and Cable Stops available.
  • Machine mountable.
  • Sizes to accommodate wide range of cable sizes and lengths.

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