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TMR Reels Motor Driven

SHO/TMR Series Reels are designed to provide a low cost solution for long electrical cable horizontal retrieve applications. A horizontal retrieve application is when the reel is mounted on the moving equipment and winds or pays-out cable into a tray or other support.

In the SHO series reels, winding torque is provided by one or more parallel design spring motors. The TMR Series Reels utilize a small toque motor/gear reducer to drive the spool. Both SHO and TMR Series Reels are available with either random wrap or monospiral wrap spools.

Gleason SHO/TMR reels have retrieve capacities of 350 feet of electric cable at a velocity of 150 ft./min and acceleration of 1.0ft./sec/sec.

All Steel Construction

Unitized self-contained slip-ring assemblies

Positive spool lock for safe, easy cable replacement without removing reel from its mounting

Heavy duty chain drive with tension adjustment

Dust-tight, watertight chain cases with gasketed and oil bath lubrication

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