Car barrier case study

Car barrier case study for HBC remote control and DataEagle data transmission device

At Salestrade, we not only supply products to solve your problems. We also supply an integrated solution to your problems. For this particular case study, our client is looking for a solution that allows operator to control 2 car barriers on a single remote control. Bearing in mind that cars will be travelling through, there can be no wires running between both barrier units. This solution also has to withstand the high frequency of use as there are hundreds of cars that will pass through per day.

Being the specialist for wireless products, we instantly knew the solution, and that is to combine HBC remote control and DataEagle data transmission device. By installing HBC receiver 308 and master unit of DataEagle Xtreme IO 2730 on the left barrier, and the slave unit of DataEagle Xtreme IO 2730 on the right barrier, we are able to effectively allow both barriers to communicate with each other. Operator can also control the barriers wirelessly at a range of 50m – 80m, even with big trucks in between the user and the receiver/barrier. This is due to the superior reliability of 2.4GHz technology in HBC remote controls.

With this solution at hand, operators can instantly raise the barrier to allow vehicles to pass through after checking. He/she does not need to walk back to control station to activate the barrier which may result in about 1-2 mins delay time. Not forgetting how tired he/she will be needing to walk back and forth hundreds of times a day!

If you are looking for a solution similar to this application, feel free to contact us at 6743 7033 or email us at for a free consultation. If your application has more than 2 barriers/control stations, worry not as we are able to configure according to your application! Contact us now!

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