Case Study for TST (Cable entry by design)

Indoor Lights

Manufacturers of indoor lights often need protection for their cables.  In the case of this middle eastern customer, it was important to protect the cable from the sharp edges of the sheet metal used in the housing for the light. Our TSS has proven to be a very suitable solution thanks to its ease of installation and overall cost advantages.

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Solar collectors

An example of several customers in southern Europe – manufacturing and selling solar collectors (water being heated by the sun as it passes through copper pipes).  With this solution you are able to ensure you have hot water when you want to shower or take a bath and that you reduce your carbon footprint.  These customers are using our Rutaseal rubber grommets to seal the pipes as they pass through the casing of the collector.


In-ground Lights

A European lighting manufacturer has In-Ground lights in their portfolio.  These Lights are installed into the ground across the pedestrian crossings and will start flashing when it is OK to cross the street in order to alert the drivers of the crossing pedestrians and reduce the risk of accidents.  The manufacturer has chosen our Rutaseal as the sealing product since it was easy to install, offers the right IP-classification and was possible to install it from either side of the casing as space inside the light was limited.


Emergency Lights

A number of our customers manufactures emergency lights of various types. They all have one requirement in common – they need an IP-rated seal for the cable.  Most customers choose to use either TSS or Klikseal as they are LED friendly.


Speed Controllers

A customer that manufactures speed controllers (electronic, potentiometer and step) for fans has chosen to use our white TSS to seal incoming and outgoing cables.  IP-protection, ease of installation in production as well as on site, together with its flat design providing overall very aesthetically pleasing products were the main decision points.


Heat Pumps

In Sweden it is very common for houses to be heated by some form of heat pump system (geothermal, air and water). The technology uses renewable or recycled heat. Majority of heat pump manufacturers in Sweden are using TST’s sealing grommets for the numerous cable installations needed for their systems. We are proud to be a part of the global effort to reduce our carbon footprint for a more sustainable future.


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