Contactless Measurement of Spreader Height

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Contactless Measurement of Spreader Height

To precisely determine the pick-up and drop-off position of terminal containers, the LPR®-1DHP-R passive radar sensor from Symeo measures the height of the spreader with contactless technology.

The robust wireless sensor and a simple metal reflector will be installed on the spreader. The distance between them changes as the spreader moves up or down, allowing the absolute position of the spreader to be accurately determined.

Terminal operators can use the acquired data to identify and adjust spreader landing speed to avoid spreader and container damages.

  1. Cost-effective, passive solution using only a single sensor
  2. Range of up to 30 meters
  3. Wear and maintenance-free
  4. Easy to install and retrofit
  5. Requires no electronics or supply voltage on the spreader, thus eliminating shock hazard when dropping-off the container

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STConnect (April 2021)

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