DATAEAGLE Condition Monitoring System

DATAEAGLE Condition Monitoring System

IoT ready to use: Condition Monitoring for motors and machines

The DATAEAGLE Condition Monitoring System (CMS) is optimally suited for the monitoring of motors and machines in the industry. The aim is to provide remote condition monitoring that is easy and fast to implement in the sense of Industry 4.0.

The system is suitable for harsh industrial environments and up to 8 BOSCH CISS sensors can be received simultaneously. The data is pre-processed, transferred to a cloud portal at intervals. and stored in the DATAEAGLE Portal in order to display the sensor values and analyse long-term effects.


The DATAEAGLE CMS can be used as original equipment or as a retrofit solution for existing plants. Example of sensors used are: acceleration, gyroscope, magnetometer, digital light, pressure, microphone, temperature and humidity. Optionally, alarms can be set for individual sensors.

  1. Ready to use for condition monitoring system
  2. Visualization of sensor values in DataEagle Portal
  3. Can be switched on/off any time
  4. Monitor long term condition of systems
  5. Operational world wide
  6. Minimal and affordable cost


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