FIPA Vacuum Cups

FIPA GmbH is expanding its range of vacuum cups for sheet metal handling with two new series. The SM-G and SM-OG series of bell shaped vacuum cups allow highly dynamic handling of strongly curved sheets with low cycle times. Thanks to the small sizes (Ø22 and Ø30) introduced by FIPA, manufacturers of automobiles and other metal processing companies now also have bell shaped vacuum cups available for handling small sheet metal parts.

Sheet metal and metal processing companies require heavy-duty bell shaped vacuum cups for gripping concave and convex curved sheet metal and workpieces with freeform surfaces. These new bell shaped vacuum cups can be used in applications such as feeder systems for press lines in the automotive industry. The special shape of the vacuum cup ensures a large stroke and high reset force. This opens up a wide field of application and ensures a high cycle frequency.

FIPA offers the new bell shaped vacuum cups in round and oval designs. The oval design is intended to be used where space is limited and is perfect for handling elongated workpieces, such as stiffening and reinforcing plates, extrusions, tubes or flat workpieces with ridges. FIPA bell shaped vacuum cups score points due to their durable body made of NBR with 60° Shore A. Large-surface “anti-slip” cleats also enable reliable handling of dry as well as oily sheets. Special supports in the vacuum cup body prevent deep-drawing effects that can permanently deform thin sheets.

The highly flexible sealing lip also ensures virtually leak-free holding of strongly curved sheet metal parts.  Both vacuum cup series are PWIS-free in accordance with the VDMA 24364 test class A1 guideline and are therefore perfectly suitable for surfaces that are to be subsequently painted or coated. The vulcanized aluminum fitting ensures a firm fit in the vacuum cup holder and prevents production downtimes or damage that could be caused by vacuum cup loss in the production plant. The round bell shaped vacuum cups are available in five sizes (Ø22, Ø30, Ø45, Ø60, Ø80 mm) and the oval bell shaped vacuum cups in three sizes (60×20, 80×30 and 95×40 mm). Various connection threads are available.

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