Koino Floatless Level Switch & Foot Switch

In this month’s newsletter, we are featuring 2 popular switches from Koino. The floatless level switch, also known as the water level switch, and the foot switch. Koino floatless level switch is mainly used to control the water level in factories, water tanks, pools, water purification factories etc. Coupled with the 8 or 11 pin socket, installing it on your control panel is easier than ever!

With the current situation, it is best to reduce hand contact with the traditional push buttons. Can you imagine how many people before you have touched the buttons? That’s why it is increasingly popular for factories or even shopping malls to switch to a using a foot switch to operation machines. A hands-free operation is the way to go!

Contact us to find out more about Koino floatless level switch and foot switch at 6743 7033 or email us at sales@salestrade.com.sg

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