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LPR®-1DHP-R is a highly-precise mid-range distance sensor. The measurement unit and antennas are integrated in a compact housing, ensuring simple installation and commissioning. The measurements are carried out between a LPR®-1DHP-R sensor and a passive reflector or reflecting surface.

Typical applications include 1D measurements for crane trolleys in crane automation systems, determining the lifting height of forklifts and of container handling equipment (CHE) as well as the presence/absence detection of objects (mining, collision avoidance, access control, filling level measurement).

  • Highly-precise distance measurement and anti-collision solution
  • 1D radar sensors with integrated antennas
  • Optional: four dry-contact switch relays
  • Easy commissioning
  • Robust and compact housing
  • Measuring the distance to natural objects or passive reflectors.

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