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Our Partners

HBC-radiomatic GmbH

Radio Remote Control Systems for Industrial Applications

 Reelcraft Industries INC.

Spring & Motorised Hose Reels

  Gleason Reel Corp

Spring & Motorised Cable / Hose Reels, PowerTrak cable chains, Festoon Systems

 CP System Co., Ltd

Cable Chain, Flexible Conduit, Connectors and Robo-kit

Schildknecht AG

DATAEAGLE Product Line Industrial Radio Data Transmission System and IIOT Products

Symeo GmbH

Absolute Positioning & Anti-Collision Systems


Machine Protection Systems, Bellows & Suction Cups

Tapper Sealing Technology AB

Cable & Pipe Entries


Cable Protection Systems & Accessories

Shenzhen Vanslin

Cable & Wiring Harness Protection

Kun Hung Electric Co., Ltd.

Control Switches & Sensors

Nanjing KJT Electric.,Co.LTD.

Switches & Sensors 


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Featured Video: Symeo Anti-Collision System

Our Services

We provide consultancy services to customize solutions for your industrial application needs. Analyzing your specific needs and on-site conditions, our team of experienced product specialists will recommend the best solution for you.

We believe that after-sales support is important and as Your Industrial Solutions Partner, we pride ourselves in providing you timely maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs to minimize the cost of machine downtime.


Apart from installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, we also stock up on spare parts and assist you in inventory support. In a fast paced industrial workplace with tight deadlines, we believe our personalized service will help you in alleviating your key concerns. For professional customized industrial solutions, contact us today!