STConnect – Feb 2018 (LED Light)

In the February issue of STConnect, we’ll be focusing on COB LED. Now what is COB LED?

Chip on Board (COB) is the most recent development in LED technology using chips with multiple diodes.  It has a much denser LED array of light compared to SMD as there is no casing with COB technology. A consistent and controlled light beam is given off, without any visible individual light points, thus offering great optics.

COB LED also offers a greatly improved lumen per watt ratio compared with other LED technologies such as DIP and SMD. COB technology gives the best conditions for optimal cooling, which in turn will increase efficiency and lengthen the overall life of the lamp. Your lighting can now be brighter, better and longer lasting.

Elwis provides a variety of COB LED solutions for your lighting needs. From as small as a penlight, to a heavy duty task lamp, all darkness will be illuminated. Integrating work space environment into their design, you can find hooks, stands, magnet base and even tripod, that makes Elwis lights so industrial friendly.

Light up your working environment with Elwis Lighting now! Contact us for more information.

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