STConnect – Jan 2018 (Cable Chain)

Cable chains, IP68 conduits, cable connectors, electrical cables

Happy New Year! 2017 has been a great year for all of us from Salestrade and we wish it has been an awesome one for you as well! For the first issue of STConnect in 2018, we are going to focus on Cable Protection Systems. If your company are already using Cable Chains, conduits, cable glands and so on for your machines or productions, you would already know the benefits of cable protection. However, if your company has machines with exposed electrical cables and are not using any cable protection system, then you should start now!

Cables are found almost everywhere and in any applications and industries. Whether you are in the construction line, manufacturing line, transportation line, or even in the marine sector, you will see cables! These cables are expensive and cannot afford to be malfunctioning in the middle of an operation. This is why Cable Chains and conduits protects the cables from being exposed to dust, friction, moisture, heat and reduce wear and tear!

CPSFlex conduits are particularly popular as they are made from flame retardant grade material UL94-HB-Vo, certified IP68 and is Halogen free.  They are able to withstand a temperature range of -40℃ to +105℃, effectively protecting your cables from burning up and causing a fire.

CPS Cable Chains are used for machines where the cables will have constant movement. The chains guide the cables, prevent entanglement, and in turn reduce the wear & tear. For assembly or manufacturing line, you can choose the enclosed Cable chain to prevent excess material such as screws or metal pieces from damaging your inserted cables. If you require clean room standard cable chain with Dust Regulation CLASS 10, we have the Clean Room certified Sabin Chain. Applied for LCD / PDP, Semiconductor production line and Industrial Machinery needing high speed operation, the Sabin Chain is low noise and low mote!

We also have various IP 68 connectors in different sizes to meet your needs. Just tell us the size you need! Feel free to contact us at or call us at +65 6743 7033 to start protecting your electrical cables!

cable chains, IP68 conduits, cable connectors, electrical cables

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  • Lin Hai

    We’re looking for sabin chain: nsb022CR.37.R45/F-770:35ST. Please give us a quotation if you have this model. Thnaks.

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