STConnect – Jan 2019 (Wireless data transmission case study)

Happy 2019! It has been a great 2018 and we definitely look forward to 2019 as it will be our silver jubilee! 25 years of delivering quality industrial solutions while remaining competitive is no easy feat! Thanks to the support of our loyal customers, suppliers and staff, we are where we are today. It will be an exciting few months ahead as we celebrate our 25th year anniversary, keep a look out on great deals and updates!

To head start 2019, we would like to share a real life case study for DataEagle’s wireless data transmission system. Click on the image below to see how Seadrill Limited saved millions of dollars by replacing cables with DataEagle’s wireless data transmission system! We all know changing spoilt cables with new ones can be a daunting and expensive task. If you are facing the same issue with your cables and wants to stop the high maintenance/replacement costs, feel free to contact us at 6743 7033.STConnect - Jan 2019

See the product in the link below:

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