STConnect (Nov 2017)

Salestrade is happy to introduce our new partner Symeo GmbH that specialises in the most modern sensor technology components, as well as complete systems for positioning and distance measurement for industrial applications.

A reliable anti-collision system for protecting objects, vehicles and personnel requires first and foremost the capability to continually detect the distance between and position of all participants. Symeo collision warning applications do not require any centrally operated software. The objects included in the anti-collision system can independently trigger local warnings or motion stops using the available position measurement data. The system creates and automatically adapts a dynamic safety zone based on the movement speed.

STConnect Nov 2017 - Symeo

Why choose Symeo:

  1. No optics, no moving parts
  2. No wear & tear
  3. Maintenance-free operations
  4. Extremely robust against harsh conditions (weather, dust, temperature, vibration)
  5. Significant cost savings

Suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  1. Anti-collision between cranes, free-ranging vehicles and rail-bound vehicles.
  2. Preventing collisions between moving and stationary targets such as buildings, lamp posts and machines.

Help companies address issues such as:

  1. Fleet management
  2. Operational safety of manual and semi-automated processes
  3. Safe and secure cargo handling


View a video of how Symeo’s anti-collision system works to see how it can help your operations! For more details, feel free to contact us at 6743 7033 or email us at

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