STConnect (Oct 2017)

In this issue of STConnect, we are featuring another branch of work that we specialise in and that is Cable & Hose management systems!

Cable & hose management systems are used in a multitude of industries to prevent damage & entanglement to cables and hoses, as well as to protect operators from tripping over them. Damaged cables lead to expensive machine downtime and will affect the timeline of the project.

Proper Cable & Hose management systems are much more than finding a spool or chain that will hold the amount of cable you have. The application, bending radius, travel length, and internal diameter all matters! Do you know that the total cable length includes the active travel length as well as some  “extra” lengths for connections, unwind/wind, SAG (if any)?

Cable & Hose management systems. Introducing Cable & hose reels, Cable & hose chains. Schill, Gleason Reel or Reelcraft for Cable & hose Reels. CPS and Gleason for Cable Chains.
STConnect – Oct 2017

Now let’s briefly break them down:

Hand Crank Reel: Great for lighter duty applications or in situations where you require the reels to be mobile and easily transported elsewhere.

Spring Driven Reel: Some of the spring driven reels are designed to be mounted on moving machinery where automatic (unattended) movement is required. Some are suitable for hand pull applications to retrieve cables.

Motor Driven Reel: Designed for rugged, heavy duty applications requiring long lengths of cables or hose and large storage capacity. It is usually used to supply power to movable machinery to automatically wind control cables.

Cable chains are used to protect moving cables and some chains are even enclosed to prevent foreign materials from disrupting the operation. Our scope of supply ranges from mini chains to suit a few millimetres of cable for an inkjet printer to giant chains for shipyards where the chain weighs several tonnes.

So what are you waiting for! Contact us at 6743 7033 or email us at now to select a suitable Cable & Hose management system for your cables & hoses now!

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