STConnect (Sept 2017)

TST Cable Grommets for your Cable & Pipe Entries

In this issue of STConnect, we will be sharing with you why most companies are switching from cable gland to the easily installed TST rubber Cable Grommets. The old plastic cable gland consists of a lot of parts. There is the main cable gland body, seal ring, lock nut, and the entry part. What happens when you lose one of the parts? The cable glands become unusable or you have to buy new spare parts. Cable glands are also known to take up a lot of space in the junction box, which means you need to have a bigger junction box to accommodate the cable glands, not to accommodate your cables! 

Change all that with TST cable grommets! Certified IP67, one “klik” installation, more resistant to weather & UV, and with a space saving design, it’s not difficult to see why thousands are using TST Cable Grommets! With a quick and easy installation, you can be sure to save more cost! You no longer need to worry about multiple parts as our cable grommets are in 1 piece and requires NO tools for installation!

STConnect - Sept 2017
STConnect – Sept 2017

Designed and made in Sweden, you can be assured with high quality rubber cable grommets to protect your cables and pipes. With a totally automated production in all phases, the production method guarantees an exact quality on all products, as well as aesthetically pleasing products.

Even if you are operating in an environment that deals with chemicals, we have the right cable grommets for you as our grommets are resistant to chemicals, ageing and weatherproof. It can even withstand temperature from -30 degree Celsius to 100 degree Celsius! 

Contact us now at 6743 7033 or email to see how our Cable Grommets can help you save time & cost! By the way, our Facebook page is up and running! Do check it out for the most exciting updates at!

Till next month! 🙂

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