Symeo in Automated Hull Treatment Carrier

Hull treatment of a mega vessel requires huge equipment and the manual process can be daunting. Fortunately, these manual processes are increasingly being replaced by automated processes such as the automated Hull Treatment Carrier (HTC) launched by Hubert Palfinger Technologies. HTC is able to simultaneously blast and coat the hull to form an exact and uniform colour composition, maximizing time efficiency and minimizing costs. While keeping algae and barnacles off the hull, it results in lower fuel consumption and significant reduction in VOC emissions, and increased occupational safety.

This technology is deployed in major shipyards all over the world, including Singapore, where one of the shipyards has been using the HTC for over 5 years and counting. Inside this system, you will be able to find Symeo’s LPR-1DHP – a highly precise distance measurement and anti-collision sensor. The maintenance-free LPR®-1D radar sensors enable precise, long-range distance measurements, even in harsh environments where conventional sensors such as encoders or lasers are unreliable, costly and high-maintenance.

Check out the below newsletter to learn more about how Symeo’s LPR-1DHP sensor ensures a smooth operation in the treatment process. If you are thinking of integrating Symeo’s positioning and distance measurement sensors in your equipment, contact us at for more information!

STC Newsletter (2)

 Note: LPR-1DHP is obsolete and is replaced with the new LPR-1DHP-290. The new wireless sensor systems of the second LPR®-1DHP radar generation are even more compact and lighter than their predecessors. With measurement accuracy up to +/- 0.5 cm, you can expect real-time positioning of cranes, transport systems and other heavy equipment, optimized process automation and more safety and efficiency of the ongoing operation processes. 



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