TST Multi Cable Grommet

TST Multi Cable Grommet

The popular TSS-range has been expanded with the addition of a new multi-cable version for installation of up to three cables in one opening.

TSS – cable sealing made simple and easy TST

What makes the TSS different from existing products on the market are the built-in features that you normally do not find in this otherwise relatively simple type of product.
The TSS is extremely flexible and handles exceptionally wide range of cable diameters. TSS is designed to be fixed securely in the opening, even when larger cables are installed.
Our TSS grommet is certified to IP67 by Semko and produced in halogen free TPE.  Our TSS grommets are manufactured in two fire protection level materials – UL94-HB or UL94-V0.
The standard colors are black, light grey and white, with the possibility to have it in customer unique colors. TSS is now available in additional sizes including M16-M40 and PG9-PG29.

Joy-stick and the push-out membrane

The TSS is equipped with a sock that closes tightly around the cable and allows for it to be moved around like a ”joy-stick” in the opening without endangering the IP-classification. Even though the cable is installed at an angle, the IP67 protection is ensured thanks to the built-in “joy-stick” function.

With the ”push-out-membrane” in the TSS grommet you always have a round opening and are guaranteed to have IP67 without the need for installation tools.

Curved surfaces

Since the material is soft, it is ideal to use this cable sealing on curved surfaces, as it will adapt to the shape of the surface.

Also check out our other grommets such as Rutaseal, Klikseal and Design-a-Flange! With multiple cable sizes available, our friendly sales representative will be able to recommend one that suit your needs. Contact us at sales@salestrade.com.sg or call 6743 7033 now to enquire!

TST Multi Cable Grommet

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