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DataEagle 2730 Cloud

Connecting wireless sensors to the cloud

The wireless sensor-to-cloud gateway DATAEAGLE compact 2730 cloud picks up sensor data through its Bluetooth Low Energy interface. After pre-processing the data the gateway transmits it via mobile radio to the cloud.
Operating with a globally applicable eSIM card the DATAEAGLE compact 2730 cloud enables you to network sensors, machinery and production facilities on a global scale. This opens up a range of new application areas, like analysing data in real-time or remote monitoring of facilities and buildings to predict component fatigue.

The wireless sensor-to-cloud connectivity provided by the DATAEAGLE compact 2730 cloud gives you the opportunity to develop new business models by helping your customers to refine their services, improve their products or reduce operating costs.

Adding to the versatility of the DATAEAGLE compact 2730 cloud we offer numerous options, like 2G, 3G, 4G, LoRA or MeshNetwork. And the gateway comes with an online portal (Device Cloud) that enables you to manage devices and forward data through an API interface to the cloud or to an ERP system.

  • PlugPlay: all sensors with Bluetooth Low Energy interface can be used
  • Flexibility: the respective sensor protocol applied can be parameterized individually
  • Wireless Sensor Network: simultaneous data exchange with up to eight IO radio distribution boxes using a gateway
  • Ready for operation throughout the world: it can directly gather sensor data in more than 130 countries due to the global eSIM card applied
  • Device Cloud: all sensors can be monitored and managed in the online portal at a glance as well as interfaces to other cloud portals established via RESTful API.

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