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DataEagle 3000 Xtreme

  • The DATAEAGLE 3000-A series was developed especially for the transparent transmission of PROFIBUS DP by utilization of various radio technologies.
    Supported bus speed is up to 1,5 Mbit/s.
  • The use of our patented filter technology guarantees a highly reliable and error-free radio link.
  • All devices which have a PROFIBUS DP interface, can be tied in by radio link.
  • No device configuration necessary – Plug&Play.
  • With the DATAEAGLE 3002-A Series the security oriented devices are supported by PROFIsafe for PROFIBUS DP.
  • The range depends on the radio technology used as well as on the surrounding conditions. The typical parameters include a range of 100m – 300m (3700-A Series) or 1km – 3km (3300-A Series).
  • Thousands of applications are already successfully in use.

Application examples

  • Replacement of conductor lines
  • Replacement of trailing cable / cable chains
  • Replacement of optical coupler
  • Cranes / crane systems
  • Storage systems
  • Transport vehicles
  • Water, sewage and raw materials management
  • Machine construction
  • Lifts / Elevators
  • Automotive industry

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