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Heavy Duty Steel PowerTrak Cable Chain

  1. Type “E” – Cable/hose carriers with rugged steel side chains and aluminum or steel carrier bars are ideal for harsh environments and high speed operation. Unique nylon disks placed between the links reduce friction and operating noise. Links are high-strength, low-alloy steel and employ a 2:2 double link design for maximum strength. Type “E” PowerTrak is available with inside openings from 0.75″ x 3.75 to 8.00″ x 23.28″ with a maximum cable/hose size of 7.73″ o.d. Total travel of 146 feet is possible when optional roller supports are used. Speeds to 500 fpm are possible.
  2. Type “EF” – PowerTrak Drag Chains are designed with the most demanding industrial applications and harsh environments in mind, including Offshore and Land Based rigs. There are track sizes to handle cables as large as 7.73″ in diameter.

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