Changing to CAN ‘wireless’ easily


The transmission of CAN data in practical means that sometimes several parameters have to be known and adjusted like: transmission speed, select and decide which data is needed, check the needed baud rate, 11 or 29bit, etc. These make it difficult to change from slip ring or cable to wireless. With our DATAEAGLE 6000 devices, you can now transmit CAN messages even more reliably and easily via a wireless connection. Our new and innovative update offers the following benefits:

  • 11/29 bit Automatic

NO need to know and adjust this parameter to use the DE6xxx system

  • Autobauding

The devices can now automatically detect the baud rate of the system, eliminating the problem of manually adjusting the baud rate to match the CAN system.

  • High CAN transmission speed

DATAEAGLE 6000 devices support in most cases the high speeds required in most applications with a maximum possible transmission speed of 500 kbps


With the new Bluetooth 5, our devices also offer lower latency and higher wireless transmission speeds. Any questions? Please contact us at!

STConnect (Aug 2021)

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