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micron 7

The high-performing push button transmitter with built-in color display. The micron with exceptionally large function range. Configurable 1.77˝ color TFT for the convenient display of data in an individual format.

  1. 10 two-step push buttons
  2. 2 rotary switches
  3. Integrated colour LCD display screen
  4. radiomatic® yuCON with 2 axes and confirmation button for display navigation and customized settings
  5. STOP impact switch
  6. Protection class IP 65
  7. Up to 26 control functions (on / off)
  8. Additional control functions available through the display (softkeys)
  9. Vibration alarm for warnings
  10. Rechargeable NiMH exchange batteries, approx. 17 hours of
    continuous operation (approx. 11 hours with feedback and
    continuous LCD operation).
  11. LED for operating / battery indication


  • HBC safety features
  • User identification
  • Frequency switching
  • Tandem operation
  • Multi-receiver concept

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