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spectrum M

spectrum M offers state-of-the-art 5“ display technology as well as a transmitter design which has proven its worth thousands of times. This control scores big thanks to its great versatility and provides virtually unlimited design possibilities for lots of different applications.

  • Up to 3 joysticks or up to 6 linear levers or a combination of linear levers and joysticks
  • Push buttons, toggle switches, rotary switches/buttons and other operating elements can be combined individually
  • Up to 8 single-step push buttons at the side
  • STOP impact switch
  • radiomatic® iCON for display navigation
  • Up to 32 control functions (on / off)
  • Up to 6 analog commands for joysticks / linear levers, up to 4 further analog commands, e.g. for potentiometers
  • Number of control functions expandable by radiobus® modules


  • Joystick with integrated button
  • Z-axis switch for simultaneous control of 3 drives

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